The GET Girl on the Radio

Offered below is a selected list of Gene’s radio appearances, with recordings curated from available sources on the Internet. Many of these are adaptions of her films. This is not a complete list of all her radio performances; ‘Laura,’ for example was performed numerous times on different shows. This page is frequently updated so check back for new shows.
Grab some some coffee or hot chocolate, pull up a chair, and listen to a few broadcasts.

‘Command Performance’ | April 12, 1942
Talent: Gene Tierney (announcer), Betty Hutton, Gary Cooper, Edgar Bergen, The Andrews Sisters, Bob Burns, Ginny Simms, Paul Douglas (announcer), Ray Noble’s Orchestra.

‘Insurance Policy for Finnegan’ on Duffy’s Tavern | September 22, 1944
Talent: Gene Tierney, Ed Gardner, Charlie Cantor, Jack Bailey (announcer).

‘Laura’ on Lux Radio Theater | February 5, 1945
Talent: Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews, Vincent Price, Otto Kruger, Lionel Barrymore (announcer).

‘A Lady Takes A Chance’ on Old Gold Comedy Theater | March 18, 1945
Talent: Gene Tierney, Randolph Scott.

‘Laura’ on Hollywood Star Time | January 13, 1946
Talent: Gene Tierney, Clifton Webb, William Eythe.

‘Dragonwyck’ on Lux Radio Theater | October 7, 1946
Talent: Gene Tierney, Vincent Price, Jeff Corey, Gale Gordon.

‘Leave Her To Heaven’ on Lux Radio Theater | March 17, 1947
Talent: Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Kay Christopher, Louise Lorimer.

‘The Gift of the Magi’ on Radio Reader’s Digest | March 20, 1947
Talent: Gene Tierney, William Quinn.

‘The First Year’ on Theater Guild On The Air | March 23, 1947
Talent: Gene Tierney, Betty Garde.

‘Age of Innocence’ on Theater Guild On The Air | April 20, 1947
Talent: Gene Tierney, Cyril Ritchard, Estelle Winwood, Arthur Kennedy.

‘The Indigo Girl’ on The Cavalcade of America | December 27, 1948
Talent: Gene Tierney, Robert Dryden, Staats Cotsworth.

‘The Wall of Silence’ on The Cavalcade of America | December 6, 1949
Talent: Gene Tierney, Vera-Ellen, Charles Seel, Cecile Roy, George Petrie, Ginger Jones, Donald Voorhees, Maurice Franklin, Joseph Bell.