Magazine Article Record

Below is a constantly updated selection of magazine features from the time. GeneTierneyOnline claims no copyright over these. However, due to the work and time involved in converting these to a format more easily accessible for readership, please link back or credit if you use the articles for an outside reason. Thank you.$(KGrHqEOKn!E6tY!ms-cBOwzBjRTj!--60_3

Fugitive From The Four Hundred, by Kirtley Baskette | 1941

The Countess Explains, by Kirtley Baskette | 1941

Don’t Elope, by Helen Weller | 1942

No Film Career For My Sister!, by Muriel Reed | 1942

Notes From A Designer’s Diary, by Bonnie Cashin | 1945

Leave Heaven To Her, by Fredda Dudley | 1946

Why Gene’s Divorcing My Brother, by Cholly Knickerbocker | 1947

Miss Tierney regrets, by Elizabeth Farrington | 1947

Gene’s Greatest Triumph, by Gene Schrott | 1949

Cover Personalityby Grace Conway | 1949

Down-To-Earth Goddess, by Patricia Keats | 1950

Made For Each Other?, by Louis Reid | 1954

Taking a second look at love, by Fredda Dudley | 1954

She calls him Baby, by Alice Craig Greene | 1954